48 great ideas for Facebook posts

I often make a list of ideas for Facebook posts for my new clients. Here are 48 of them:

1. Use lots of images for EVERYTHING! Take a camera with you everywhere you go.

2. Inspiring quotes and quotes from authorities in your field.

3. Tip of the day – related to your business.

4. News articles or other sources with the latest news relevant to your business, target group or market.

5. Images of you at work – on the phone, your desk, your office.

7. Description/definitions related to your business..

8. Images of students in the classes or groups you lead or classes groups you participate in.

9. Seasonal greetings and post that fit the season.

10. Images and links to products you like, use or recommend.

11. “How to” ideas.

12. Videos of you addressing a specific topic.

13. Info about events, workshops or groups you are part of or participating in.

14. Classes you teach. Groups you are leading. (Get images of the group or you speaking.)

15. Continuing educations courses or conventions you are attending in your field.

16. Success stories or testimonials.

17. Posts about a person in the field you admire.

18. Why you do the work you do. Why it is important to you.

19. Information about your training and what was involved in that.

20. Recommended books, videos, websites and other resources.

21. Charts/info-graphs.

22. Solicit questions from your followers (LIKES) and choose one or two to answer (short or in more detail in a blog post.)

23. Upcoming media events of interest – TV shows, TED talks, radio shows, Telesummits etc.

24. Your recommendations for workshops, classes.

25. Images and short comments  about your everyday life – your dog, of you traveling, doing something interesting, with your kids – you as just a regular person.

26. Post a link to your newsletter in its entirety and then copy and paste the individual segments of the newsletter into your Facebook Page.

27. All your Blog Posts.

28. Ask Questions: “How are you … “, “What do you do … .” “How do you handle …” etc.

29. Things you are grateful for and appreciate.

30. How you are inspired by your clients. People that inspire you. Heartwarming stories.

31. How you feel about the work you do; your calling.

32. Things your kids said or say to you that were funny, insightful , changed your perspective.

33. A “live” happening; a vulnerable sharing  – a day that didn’t go so well for you, something challenging you struggle with.

34. Funny things that happened to you from the past or recently.

35. Links to other blogs with posts relevant to your target group.

36. Powerful or beautiful images and how they impact you, or paired with a quote you like.

37. Music clips.

38. Films you recommend. Film reviews or post others reviews.

39. Follow-up, feedback and “thank yous” .

40. Your personal thoughts and feelings as they come up – “ah ha moments”. “Live” discoveries while living your life, that might get others thinking or offer insights.

41. Specific info about your business, service or practice – what you do.

42. Your plans for the future – what you will be doing.

43. Image of you with customers.

44. Have someone interview you for a post on their blog, or offer to write a guest post and share those on your page.

45. Special announcement, sales you are offering – just for your Facebook Likes.

46. Introduce new products or services.

47. Secrets!

48. Ask a question.

I’d like to make this list an even 50. Do you have  ideas to add? Did I miss something?


One response to “48 great ideas for Facebook posts

  1. Great reference list for bookmarking.

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