How to invite people who aren’t “Friends” to LIKE your Facebook Page

You're InvitedEarly this morning I got this email from a client with a new Facebook Page:

“I must be forgetting something here. How can I invite people to my FB page who aren’t friends? I can’t seem to figure this out???”

People new to social media marketing (and aren’t we all) often ask questions in interesting ways that make me think!

Here’s how I responded:

Simply ask to “friend” people who aren’t yet your Facebook Friends and accept Friend Requests.

This is the best – build up your Friends. Make a Friend Request of everybody who sounds interesting or relevant to your cause or business.

After you have a new group of added Friends – use the “Build Audience” button on your Facebook Page’s Admin Panel to ask them to LIKE your page.

Use the “Build Audience” button on your Page’s Admin Panel to “Share” your Page and “Invite” your email contacts.

Ask a Facebook Friend (or Friends) to send out a status post with a recommendation to their Friends to LIKE your page.

Make sure there is a link to your Page in this request – so it’s easy for potential LIKERS to get to your page with one click. Also – tell your friends to use words like these, “Click on the link provided and then hit the LIKE button on my friend’s Page” Often people will just click the LIKE button below your friends status post – without actually going to YOUR Facebook Page to LIKE.

Add Co-Administrators to your Page.

They (or you on their behalf) can then use the “Build Audience” button to invite all THEIR Friends and their email followers to LIKE your page.

Go to people you really want to LIKE your page and send a personal message with a short pitch and a link to your Page. Ask for a LIKE.

You might want to reserve this for people who might be key to your cause or business.

Have links to your Facebook Page on all the platforms you use and ask people to LIKE your Page.

Make sure people can LIKE your Page from your blog, your website, your newsletter, and all your other social media platforms. Have a link to LIKE your Page on your email signature and on your off-line materials like business cards, fliers etc.

That said, my client with this good question is Beckie Elgin and she is a brilliant freelance writer using her skills and talents to advocate on behalf of wolves. Please visit and LIKE her Page, Wolves and Writing, right HERE. You can LIKE my Page, Betsy Lewis Consulting right HERE.
Did I forget anything?

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