The quick and dirty list for launching your social media campaign

Launching rocket

1. Create the Name/Mission/Voice of the campaign.

2. Determine Target Audience of campaign.

3. Decide what your “Calls to Action” are – what specifically do you want your target audience to do?

4. Create Logo/Visuals – banner, square, font, colors etc. (You will use these in everything you create to brand your campaign.) Get a headshot or shot of the group.

5. Descriptive Content

a. Long – one or two paragraphs about you and your business.

b. Short – two or three concise sentences regarding the above.

c. Tagline.

6. Website (Can be one page – just as a reference source- contact information  etc.)

7. Determine what social media channels your target audience uses.

8. Research what businesses like yours are doing on the targeted channels with your target audience. Copy what has been successful (i.e. what type of posts engaging the target audience – what’s working.)

9. Decide if you will have an e-newsletter or blog?

10. Set up selected social media platforms (and blog and newsletter if you have decided to use them). Use the visuals and content you have created above.

11. Link all your internet sites – one with the other.

12. Determine who will manage the online community you will create.

13. Designate who will take photographs/videos and write content.

14. Create a posting calendar.

15. Create off-line materials – posters, fliers, business cards (be sure and add all your social media links on the documents).

16.  Launch the Campaign: Have a party, send out press releases etc. Get the word out on social media – share, invite and ask others to share/invite etc.


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