The New Facebook: On Your Mark, Grab Your Cameras, GO!


Mark Zuckerberg making the announcement

On March 7th, Mark Zuckerberg, Chairman and Chief Executive of Facebook Inc., unveiled the new changes being made to the Facebook News Feed.

What the new Facebook changes mean for users

For users, the changes mean seeing bigger images and multiple feeds. The new feed categories will be: “Close Friends”, “Friends” in general,  “Music”, “Photos”, a simple “Chronological” feed, and a feed called “Follow” (for the brands and people they follow.)

A consistent user experience across all devices (computers, smartphones and tablets) is also a promised feature – one I am eagerly anticipating. I have used a tablet and smart phone in my Facebook activities with only moderate to poor success. Facebook will also be pulling a user’s full banner images in some posts. Text will be overlapped on images.

So, it’s time to grab your cameras — smartphone or otherwise.

It is going to be all about the pictures you post

For users and brands this means posting less text and more good quality engaging images.


Apparently, Facebook has been “cluttered”.

Facebook changes and the impact on brands and businesses

The new Facebook will clearly be an improved experience for users. What is not clear is what will happen with the “Follow” feed — where the businesses and brands will be relegated. Marketers are questioning whether their Pages will end up languishing unseen in “Follow”.

I think we just need to wait and see how it plays out.

How to get the new Facebook

I signed up to get on the waiting list for the new Facebook, but so far it has not made it to my account. If you would like a preview and to get on the list also, here’s what you do:

1. Go to http://www.

2. Click on the “Join Waiting List” button.

3. Join me as we wait our turn!

So far it feels like “hurry up and wait”, but I’m sure there are users who have become comfortable with — what will soon be the old Facebook — and will be happy to be at the bottom of the list.


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