15 Social Media Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

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Every day (almost) on the Betsy Lewis Consulting Facebook Page I post a short but sweet, up to the minute social media marketing tip. For this blog post I compiled 15 of my  best tips from last month. Visit and Like my Facebook Page if you want to read more of these.

Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar

  • Create an editorial calendar. Take some time to strategize the sequencing and content of your posts across all platforms.
  • Use photo posts instead of link posts on Facebook to generate the most engagement with your Page. However, that advice could change soon. Facebook is testing a new format for links that includes a much larger photo and no headline.
“My initial meeting with Betsy Lewis took the daunt out of daunting.” 
Mary Marquiss, Bend Oregon
  • Put a short testimonial (one or two lines) at the top of your business webpages. These days everyone is looking at reviews by others before purchasing. A good testimonial, right off the bat, is the beginning of building confidence in the mind of a potential customer. When possible, use the first and last name of the person giving the testimonial.

FB Comment box

  • If you like something – comment. Take the time to give  genuine compliments. Authentic words of praise are powerful and build connections.
  • Stop complaining. Social Media is here to stay. Instead, be adventurous. Get in the game. It’s the best thing you have going for getting the word out about your business, causes, events or products.
  • Stop all marketing messages when a catastrophe strikes ( such as it did in Boston in April.)
  • Be yourself. On Facebook the use of “self-referential words” like “I” and “me” generally receive more Likes.


  • Use the same visual branding elements across all your social media channels, websites, blogs, and newsletters. I use my profile photo and my five petal orange flower (in various guises.)
  • Focus on adding value to your customer’s lives through your social media activities.
  • Don’t over automate your posts across the various platforms you use. Making connections requires the human touch for each one.

50% off

  • Post regular deals, offers and specials on your Facebook Page. Give customers a good reason to like your Page and to keep coming back. 58% of Facebook users expect this after liking your Page.
Caption this photo!

Caption this photo!

  • Try a “caption this photo post” on Facebook. They get 5.5 times more comments.
  • Be timely. What’s going on in the world today that is of interest to your customers? Craft messages around the latest news, trends and topics.
  • Follow and observe brands and businesses similar to yours to see what they’re doing well.


  • Reward your best customers!

For more (almost daily) social media marketing tips like these — visit and LIKE the Betsy Lewis Consulting Facebook Page.


One response to “15 Social Media Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

  1. AS one who committed a major faux pas by writing a humorous post about driving to Boston the day after the bombings, I hear you loud and clear. I regretted that post from the moment I hit publish!

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