My Top 10 Tips for Social Media Marketing Success

1. Be patient. 
Social media marketing is relationship marketing. Relationships, both offline and online, are based on trust, and that takes time.

2. Make a plan. 
Define who you are (your brand), who you are trying to reach (your market) and where they can be found (what social media sites they use, and when and how they use them.) Use this information to create a social media marketing plan.  I have a free social media marketing plan worksheet on my website. Here’s a link:

3. Work smart. 
Don’t spread yourself too thin. You don’t need to participate on every social media platform. Pick the one or two that make the most sense for your business.

4. Be findable. 
Make sure that each of your online sites is connected to the other. Add follow and share buttons wherever you can — like the one you see above.

5. Participate. 
Join in – like, share, comment, respond etc. Fill in the picture of who you are by sharing your life, your story and your passions. People will be more likely to buy your art work if they buy into YOU first.

6. Use the 80/20 rule.
Put your customers and potential customers first. 80% of your social media activities should be for the benefit of your followers through sharing useful links and commenting. Keep self-promotion to 20%.

7. Use more images/less text. 
Good images, questions, and short precise text will get the best engagement from your followers across all social media platforms.

8. Use artwork for Banners. 
Good news for artists! If you’re using a social media site that includes a banner, avoid a standard photo. Instead, use artwork. A recent study shows that banners with unique artwork are better remembered and recognized than those containing texts or links.

9. Respond promptly. 
Don’t let more than 1- 2 days go by before you respond to comments and questions from your followers.

10. Update. 
Regularly review and refresh your profiles, bios and services on all the social media platforms you use.

Bonus Tip: Research. 
Take a look at the social sites of your competition, and/or people in your field who you admire. How are they using social media? What is working for them? What is getting engagement? Then follow their example.


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